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Don’t you want to get a backpack with some fantastic features? Probably yes. Then you need enough idea about a backpack or some important features of the backpack. After that, it is possible for you to buy the best one. Otherwise, it will be tough for you to find the best one. Before buying you have to consider the compartment and body material of a backpack. It helps you to have the multi-purposes use as well as greater durability. Again, you have to check the zipper quality which is a must for a backpack. All of these are available on the 5.11 tactical rush 12 backpack. Let us know details about many important features and benefits of this tactical backpack.

Features & Benefits

  • Roomy & Multi-slot compartment: 5.11 tactical rush 12 backpack is able to provide you a very high performance with its multi-compartment. Again, the main storage is enough spacious. Besides, you will also find some internal multi-slot admin compartment here in this backpack. Moreover, the total 16 compartments are available to keep your required small accessories separately. It also helps you to find these more quickly. But what is the outcome of 16 compartments with a roomy main compartment? The main outcome is you can use this bag for multi purposes uses. It is very easy to take your everyday carry in it. Moreover, you can also use this tactical backpack as travel backpack, hunting backpack or an emergency go-bag.
  • Web Platform & Slick Stick System: Another important feature of this rush 12 backpack is the web platform. This is an awesome system. The extensive wrap-around web platform is MOLLE. Moreover, there is 5.11 Slick Stick System which is very compatible. These features allow you to customize your storage system as you need. Again it is very unique feature of 5.11 tactical rush 12 backpack. Moreover, the tactical rush backpack has an internal admin panel. You can organize the system as you need. Again, some people have to use spectacles or sunglass to protect their eye. Then, they exactly do not find any place to store them. This rush tactical backpack removes this difficulty. You will get this backpack with a fleece-lined sunglass pocket and a hydration pocket. The fleece-lined sunglass pocket can protect your eyewear.
  • Body Material and Zipper Quality: You may have knowledge about the significance of the body material of a backpack. Moreover, it is important for any product. Durability fully depends upon the quality of this body material. Considering this, 5.11 tactical rush 12 backpack is made of 1050D nylon (MultiCam®: 1000D nylon). Moreover, this 1050D nylon has water resisting property. As a result, you need not think about the rainy days. The high performance of this backpack is not needed here. The durability also largely depends upon the zipper of a backpack. The lifetime of your backpack may end with the end of the zipper. You need not be worried about the zipper of this backpack. Self-repairing YKK® zippers are provided here. Moreover, zippered fleece-lined eyewear pocket is also available in this backpack.
  • Shoulder Straps & Patches: Only a backpack user know how straps can make a backpack more stylish. The exact placement of straps can bring a huge change in outlook. Here in this backpack, there are external compression straps with an adjustable shoulder straps. Moreover, a centered sternum strap is also provided. It ensures the stability which is very important to carry your bag. Again, the shoulder strap can provide you an easy carrying system. As a result, considering this, the imported backpack has contoured yoke shoulder strap system. Moreover, there are hook and loop name tape and flag patches available in this 5.11 tactical rush 12 backpack. These straps and patches not only make your carrying system easy but also give your tactical backpack a more stylish look. It will be more clear to you whenever you get it to your hand.
  • Size & Shape: You have already know that 5.11 tactical rush 12 backpack is enough spacious with 16 compartments. It is right that you will get enough space. But what is the exact size and shape? Moreover, without knowing the exact size you never get the real idea. The main compartment has the volume of 18″ X 11″ X 6.5″ which indicates enough space. Moreover, you can carry your 15″ laptop with an extra protection easily in this tactical backpack. Then consider about the bottom front compartment. The size of this compartment is 12” X 9” X 1.75”. Again, there are 17” X 11” X 1.5” liter hydration pocket and 1476 cubic inch / 24-liter total capacity available in this imported backpack. Moreover, you will get glove-friendly pull tabs with this one.
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Things I Liked about the Backpack

  • Shoulder straps are great and comfy in this backpack.
  • Available with excellent body material.
  • The zippers are of the very high quality of this 5.11 tactical rush 12 backpack.
  • A stylish sturdy handle is available.
  • Internal multi-slot admin compartment with a very high performance.
  • MOLLE web platform and 5.11 Slick Stick System is available.
  • Have multi-purposes uses of this backpack.
  • Things I Didn’t Like about Backpack

Things I Didn’t Like about Backpack

  • There is no padding inside the backpack.
  • Have to be careful while zipping.
  • The back pocket fits almost impossible to zip.
  • The bag is too much heavier.
  • Have to careful while placing this backpack on the ground.
  • No laptop protection is available in this backpack.
5.11 RUSH12 Tactical Military Assault Molle Backpack, Bug Out Rucksack Bag, Small, Style 56892, Double Tap
1,183 Reviews
5.11 RUSH12 Tactical Military Assault Molle Backpack, Bug Out Rucksack Bag, Small, Style 56892, Double Tap
  • Military molle backpack features 16 individual compartments, Roomy main storage...
  • Bug out rucksack is a water-resistant backpack made with durable 1050D nylon...
  • Molle bag features wrap-around MOLLE/5.11 SlickStick web platform, Internal...

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Finally, you may have a clear idea about the 5.11 tactical rush 12 backpack. Probably you will get all the required features with this backpack. Moreover, if you can maintain the above features in a backpack, you will get the best one. In a word, try to get a backpack with a spacious compartment. Then multi purposes uses are possible. Moreover, the 1050D nylon material and the high-quality zipper can give better durability. Besides, be careful straps and patches. Because then you can get fantastic load carrying mechanism and a stylish backpack. Moreover, all these features are available in this 5.11 tactical rush 12 backpack. As a result you can buy this backpack without any hesitation.