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For travelers, the 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack is probably the most used and widely recognizable Backpack in the world. The 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack mainly consists of two individual shoulder straps bags including three backpacks. But Rush 72 which is offered by 5.11 Tactical is considered to be a seventy-two hours’ biggest backpack (full 3 days). Most of the travelers suggest taking this backpack if you go for travel. This product is made in such a way that travelers feel very comfortable while carrying it. For example, one my friend used this 5.11 Tactical Rush Backpack during his mountain trip. He is very fond of traveling and always ready to travel whenever he gets a chance. By the way, he told us that it was the best journey for him because he could take as many things as he wanted and carry all these things wasn’t troublesome for him since he got 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack to carry them. As he said, he took an extra pair of pants, T-shirts, shocks along with all of his camping materials. Additionally, since he went for camping he also took fire staring, sleeping back and some foods in plastic boxes with him. So I got the reason why it is being so much popular all over the world and I wish I had one!

Whom is This Excellent Product Designed for?

The 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack is designed for the people who need an ample space for gear and accessories and also need a reliable enough backpack for extended excursions as well as tactical deployment. That’s why it is mostly preferred by the travelers, tourists, rangers and campers.

  • For People like tourists, who need to visit places, will definitely need this during their tour. They need extra spaces for keeping so many things. So, it might be of a great use to them.
  • For Travelers, while traveling they are going to in need of this. It would help to overcome all obstacles in their trip providing the proper thing kept in its chambers.
  • For the mountaineer, ranger or camper it is a great equipment. I would say, it is a survival aid for them. Because the features this product is offering is exactly what they need.


  • This backpack is built from Multicam 1000D nylon and PUx2 coating which is of high strength and water repellant.
  • It has got a huge capacity of 3342 cubic inches per 55 Liter.
  • The main compartment is of 23” height, 13.5” length and 8.5” depth.
  • Front left and right side and hydration pockets are off (15.5*11.5*2)”, (16.5*6*1.75)”, (21*13.5)” respectively.
  • It’s not a super heavy pack and also light-weight by any means. The Wight is around 5lbs.
  • It is available in various different colors such as TAC OD, Multicam, Flat Dark Earth, Black, Sandstone.
  • This backpack consists of rugged and self-healing zipper hardware.
  • It is imported and has a counter yoke system with grab and go handle.

Features & Benefits

  • It’s a Specious Tactical Backpack Having a Lot of Chambers

5.11 Tactical Rush 72 backpack has a lot of pockets and chambers and is built extremely well. The inside is pretty spacious and has a drawstring pouch as well as a large zippered pouch. Hence, there is no doubt of it’s being a fantastic tactical bag. If I had to head back to outdoors, or travel I would really choose this bag. It’s much better than my old bag. With a tactical bag, you obviously suppose that you could carry a lot of gear with a lot of add-ons like mag holders or what not. You really won’t have to care how the things look like since it is cool-looking. You would need something that is rugged, has a lot of molle things to hang additional gear as well as having a lot of pockets. Now, you know that this bag has all of these.

  • A Perfect 72 Hours’ Backpack
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It really builds a perfect 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 backpack out bag being your 72 hours’ disaster survival kit. I would like to tell you that it is like a survival bag even though it serves very well for a variety of functions. You can use it as a carry-on bag for camping, bush crafting or flights. Now, let me tell you something that, this bag supported me more than three days for holding my most important travel kits. In fact, I could go for a week instead of 72 hours with what I packed into this bag. As most people can’t really expect to have such 72 hours’ backpack that can carry all the things they need, this bag will change their thought.

  • It’s an Outstanding Backpack

This backpack is outstanding not only for its gorgeous look but also for its quality. Since it is built from high strength, water repellent nylon and got dual zippered front and the compartments with molded grip pulls it is more durable and a waterproof bag. You can use it for a long time. Even though traveling from coast to coast or camping in the mountains this backpack would serve you a constant performance for years. You can load it very heavy without worrying about damaging it.

  • The Best Backpack Ever

Many people consider this 5.11 tactical rush 72 Backpack the best backpack ever. Its quality is at a high level and is a perfect backpack for the people loving to enjoy natural beauties or being a tourist. Hence even experiencing a heavy duty it remains strong. It is very comfortable even hiking all day long. Hence, it’s very user-friendly. It can also be used as a daily working bag. The pouch placement is very good and keeps your daily necessary things closed at your hand. Some users of this product say that it is better than advertised. So, don’t look further and get the perfect backpack.

  • What’s Great about this Backpack?

Now, what’s great about this backpack is that it has got MOLLE webbing on it which is compatible with most of the higher end pockets and pouches. This 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack works extremely well and there wasn’t any problem to keep them securely in place. If you consider costing a factor, then it may be a bit higher in price. But after using you will say your investment didn’t go in vein.

Things I Liked about the Backpack

  • 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack imported and a full featured 72 hours’ backpack.
  • The construction is better than the other products in the same category, heavy duty.
  • It’s a perfect backpack, you can use it for various purposes.
  • It has multiple integrated organization pics.
  • Two wide strap shoulder straps available in this backpack.
  • It’s simply the best backpack in the market.

Things I Didn’t Like about Backpack

  • The only real negative side of this bag is, if you have a thick neck like I do, then it’s a bit too tight to be co
  • Some people complains about the no removable waist strap.
5.11 RUSH72 Tactical Backpack for Military, Bug Out Bag, Molle Pack, Large, Style 58602, Black
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5.11 RUSH72 Tactical Backpack for Military, Bug Out Bag, Molle Pack, Large, Style 58602, Black
  • The RUSH72 military backpack features bug out bag design, built from high...
  • This Molle backpack is ready for patrol. Dual-zippered front and main...
  • This heavy duty large military backpack features a front pocket - 15.5 x 11.5 x...

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: How does the backpack weight?

Answer: It’s not a heavy pack. Weighs around 5 lbs.

Question: Can I load it heavily?

Answer: The load is not so fast for this backpack. You can load it you can load it as much as you want.

Question: Can I use it more than 72 hours?

Answer: Although it’s a 72 hours’ backpack. But many of the users opined it was more than a 72 hours’ backpack. Some users say that it backups about 10 days. Then I wish the best for you.

Question: Is it product durable?

Answer: I would say, I won’t answer this question. You would get the better answer while using it.

Question: Is 5.11 tactical rush 72 Comfortable for users while carrying it for a long time?

Answer: Most of the users of the Rush 72 found it a comfortable and user-friendly equipment except some having a thick shoulder. So, if you don’t have a thick shoulder then I expect Rush 72 to be very comfortable even while carrying it for a long time.

Question: Does it have the best suspension system?

Answer: Nope. But I can assure that this is the second of the two complaints about this backpack.

Final Verdict

After going through all the previous lines and knowing about all its exciting and unique features I believe that This 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 has become the most favorite backpack to you. The Rush 72 is an incredibly popular bag for the previously mentioned purpose all over the world. And you are getting a backpack offering these all exciting features at a comparatively standard cost. Therefore, it can be the final choice for the people who wants a fantastic backpack with a great quality construction. Hence, if you want a bag that will carry everything, you can use it for every purpose and last for a long time then you might take an experience of using it. Honestly speaking once you get this, it would be more than a single backpack to you. So, look no further.