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We can all agree that soldiers need much respect for their commitment and dedication to upholding law and order in almost all countries. Of course, they fall in different categories. But whether you’re a military personnel deployed in any part of the world or a regular traffic officer, policing duty is no easy task. These men and women sacrifice their lives to safeguard our interest with no discrimination; we salute you all for your bravery.

That said, as a soldier, it’s important to make sure you wear the right type of gear for the tough job. Having a bulletproof on is part of the process which might save you from gunshots, but tactical boots will protect your feet from intense pain as you are likely to spend the whole day standing or running. To start off, tactical boots are divided into three groups. The first group is for the people who use them for casual reasons, the second is for military personnel, and the third is for the law enforcers. The cops in the city can tell how light, comfortable, and flexible boot can be satisfying especially when on duty. They are important when you’re engaging suspects on foot or patrols.

Enough said you must attend your duty so let’s dive straight into the main point. If you’re looking for the best tactical shoes for police duty, here is a list of our top picks that will offer comfort for the right price.

5 Best Tactical Boots Quick List

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5 Best Tactical Boots Review in 2019

1. Maelstrom Men’s Military Tactical Work Boot with Zipper

Maelstrom Men's TAC FORCE 8 Inch Military Tactical Duty Work Boot with Zipper, Black, 10.5 M US
When it comes to tactical boots, we have those that are made with a non-professional consumer in mind, and they focus more on comfort than durability. These are the consumer graded shoes that are meant for an outdoor encounter such as hiking and other intense activities.

On the other hand, we have the tactical boots for professional circumstances.  They are made for the military and law enforcement individuals, so the boots are more rugged and durable. They have varying levels of comfort and durability, but it’s important to do a thorough research before buying.

The Maelstrom Tac Force Tactical Boot offers an excellent combination of both comfort and durability. It is one of the best lightweight tactical boots thanks to the lightweight design with both flexibility and durability features. They are made from a combination of sturdy leather that surrounds the foot and heel and nylon. The leather allows for easy polishing. It is a huge plus for people who intend to use the boot in dusty and muddy areas. The leather and nylon material is water resistant, and they allow for breath ability to prevent bacterial build-up while keeping the feet dry and comfortable. This tactical boot also features a shock absorbing insole to ensure it takes on the impact of every step you make. Other appealing features include a high-performance cushion, removable, and the padded collar and tongue. It allows for natural movement, especially during harsh situations. It’s priced well for the right quality.


  • Made of quality leather material
  • Has a moist wicking part
  • Easy to put on


  • Wrong size may cause discomfort
Maelstrom Men's TAC FORCE 8 Inch Military Tactical Duty Work Boot with Zipper, Black, 10.5 M US
2,264 Reviews
Maelstrom Men's TAC FORCE 8 Inch Military Tactical Duty Work Boot with Zipper, Black, 10.5 M US
  • For every pair of Maelstrom boots we sell, we donate 1 dollar to the Boot...
  • Boots are available in multiple colors (black, tan) and styles (side zipper,...
  • Polishable full grain leather and nylon upper for a professional look....

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2. Bates Men’s GX-8 8 Inch Ultra-Lites GTX Waterproof Boot

Bates Men's GX-8 8 Inch Ultra-Lites GTX Waterproof Boot, Black, 12 M US
Bates tactical waterproof boots are the most technologically advanced boots that feature a unique Gore-Tex technology. They weigh in at 3 lbs, which is a perfect weight for those who are in constant motion. They are ideal for military and law enforcement officers. People who love biking, hiking, and running, can also prefer these shoes. These tactical boots are waterproof to ensure your feet remain dry throughout especially in rainy conditions. It is made of leather and ballistic nylon, along with a cushioned insert to offer ample comfort and maximum support for your feet.

The 8-inch Ultra-Lites outer sole is slip-resistant to provide excellent grip and traction on flat surfaces. It comes with an easy to use zip function on the side to enable you to get off the boots quite quickly. When it comes to size, Bates Men’s GX-8 Tactical Boots comes in different sizes, so you can choose one that fits you well. People working in fields involved in public safety such as paramedics, EMT’s, and firefighters may also use these boots.

The market has many boot to offer, but the Bates Men’s GX-8 boots exhibit superior features unrivaled by only a few.


  • Made of waterproof leather
  • Has a slip resistant rubber outsole
  • Comfortable and functional


  • Not highly durable
Bates Men's GX-8 8 Inch Ultra-Lites GTX Waterproof Boot, Black, 12 M US
894 Reviews
Bates Men's GX-8 8 Inch Ultra-Lites GTX Waterproof Boot, Black, 12 M US
  • Gore-Tex waterproof and breathable membrane
  • Durable waterproof leather and nylon upper
  • Cushioned removable insert and ethylene vinyl acetate midsole. Cushioned...

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3. Under Armour Mens Valsetz Tactical Boot

Under Armour Valsetz Men's 8 inch Tactical Boots, BLACK, 10.5M
If you want comfort and flexibility, get these tactical boots. It is lightweight, and it feels like you’re putting on a crossbreed of a tennis shoe and a sturdy work boot. They can be a favorite choice for people who cover hard courses as they offer maximum flexibility with excellent foot protection features that allow for easy movement.

It comes with ample shock absorbers along with a superior cushioning for your feet specifically the forefoot and the heel. You will love the interior lining that is water-resistant thus the boots are breathable to protect your foot from bacterial buildup. This boot also comes with a contoured EVA midsole to position your foot in the right place and provide extra cushioning in the right places.

Besides, this superb tactical boot comes with a rubber outsole that provides excellent road traction, especially in harsh weather conditions. Also, this boot is fitted with a smoothly textured rubber toe rand to offer additional protection to your forefeet area. For an affordable price, this tactical boot offers the best outdoor experience to any user.

It is the best tactical boot for you if you are budget conscious but you want powerful support on your ankle.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Provide powerful ankle support


  • Concerns about durability
Under Armour Valsetz Men's 8 inch Tactical Boots, BLACK, 10.5M
421 Reviews
Under Armour Valsetz Men's 8 inch Tactical Boots, BLACK, 10.5M
  • synthetic
  • Water resistant
  • Textured, high-abrasion rubber toe rand

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4. Magnum Men’s Elite Spider 8.0 Boot

Magnum Men's Elite Spider 8.0 Boot,Desert Tan,10 M US
With an elegant design for hours and hours of footwear, this tactical boot makes it to the list of the best tactical boots review. It is ideal for a military officer, security officer, or any other outdoor enthusiast who wants to engage in biking, hiking or running. The Magnum Elite Spider tactical boot is designed for comfort, even in very harsh climates. It is available in a different of sizes and weights depending on your feet. Equipped with a waterproof leather material, a well-cushioned collar, a roomy toe box, and moisture absorbing lining, these boots provide the best breathability option for your feet.

The EVA cushion helps to absorb shock as you walk or run. It has the rugged rubber outsole to offer maximum traction in tough road terrains. It makes you feel comfortable while walking in them. You will also find a high-quality cradle layer that provides ample support to the heel and forefeet area along with additional pad placed under the heel to absorb extra shock when in action. On the inside of this shoe, you will find a soft layer that shapes your foot and places it in place to facilitate easier movement. If you need steel toe boots, go for Magnum Spider tactical boots without thinking otherwise.


  • Oil resistant outsole
  • Durable
  • Electronic security friendly


  • Questions about its sizing
Magnum Men's Elite Spider 8.0 Boot,Desert Tan,10 M US
568 Reviews
Magnum Men's Elite Spider 8.0 Boot,Desert Tan,10 M US
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Magnum
  • 10 M US

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5. Rocky Men’s C4T Tactical Boot

Rocky Men's C4T Tactical Boot,Desert Tan,10.5 M US
And finally, we have the most modern combat boot, Rocky C4T Tactical Boot that is excellent regarding comfort, breath ability, and flexibility. If you’re fond of wearing sneakers, you may confuse these boots with a sports shoe since they provide excellent maneuverability for tasks that require speed and agility. The EVA out sole can resist anything that you encounter in training whether heat, water, oils, chemicals, slips, or metal chips. The insole is extremely appealing and complements the sole of the boot for maximum stability and breath ability especially in harsh weather conditions.

Recently, Rocky has announced great plans to redesign the sole of their boots to incorporate a more advanced heel to provide extra comfort for climbing operation. This could be a big boost to as one of the best tactical hiking boots on the market. The insole is comfortable to provide the wearer with the best experience during any operation.

When you’re out hiking or hunting, you don’t want to deal with gear that slows you down. This is why Rocky created this durable C4T Tactical Boot with a synthetic upper along with a Molle strap on the upper. If you need to train with courage, confidence, comfort, and commitment, Rocky C4T Tactical Boot is the shoe to buy.


  • Water resistant
  • Made of durable leather
  • Comfortable


  • Has poor canvas material inside
Rocky Men's C4T Tactical Boot,Desert Tan,10.5 M US
752 Reviews
Rocky Men's C4T Tactical Boot,Desert Tan,10.5 M US
  • Mid-length boot featuring speed-lacing hardware, 550-cord laces, and durable...
  • Water-resistant and fast-drying
  • Rocky

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Best Tactical Boots Buying Guide

What are tactical boots?

A tactical boot is a type of a military boot designed for soldiers or other professionals which call for constant physical activities and require them to walk all the way in insecure circumstances. The boots are well crafted to provide comfort, protection, and grip for the feet. They sport special features including, hard, lightweight, waterproof etc.

The best tactical boot will provide the flexibility of trail shoes, protection of work boots, and ankle support of the backpacking or hiking boots. The most notable feature of tactical boots is their superb ventilation system.  Since you wear the boots for long and move in unpredictable places, your feet need optimal ventilation.

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The combination of strength, durability, and comfort is the major sell for tactical boots. Besides, there are special tactical boots designed using advanced technology to survive specific weather conditions. Usually, the best tactical boots are made of leather, but in some cases, nylon, rubber, metal, plastic are used as raw materials.

If you are a professional, outdoor adventurer, or a hiker the best tactical boot should be part of the bug out plan. Additionally, you need a tactical boot if:

  • You are prone to ankle injuries or have an existing ankle problem.
  • You have a bug out a plan that will involve rugged terrains.
  • You don’t have strong leg muscles. The boots will accord support.
  • You will come face to face with nasty critters like snakes and require extra protection.

Types of tactical boots

The market has a lot to offer, and if you don’t grasp the basics, it will not be easy for you. There are different types of tactical boots, and each type is designed to serve its unique purposes. Here are the most common types of tactical boots.

  • Standard issue

These are waterproof tactical boots made of hardened leather. They are the standard iteration of the army boots. These tactical boots are made to offer extra support to the ankle and are specifically for those rough terrains you encounter in combat or training. The standard issue boots are pretty universal; they can serve as hiking boots.

  • Tanker boots

These are heat resistant tactical boots designed with steel toe guards, gusseted tongue, plastic or steel guard for shanks and heel, and metal inserts. These boots are unique because they do not have laces but feature leather straps to minimize tangling with wild foliage, tree branches or roots.

  • Jump boots

These are the standard bots for parachute units, hence the nickname “paratrooper boots.” These tactical boots feature reinforcements including a special one at the ankle area. As their name suggests, they are designed for outdoor activities which include frequent jumps.

  • Tactical boots for extreme weather

There are three types of tactical bots designed for inhospitable weather.

  1. Jungle boots: These boots feature canvas uppers and rubber soles and are lightweight. The boots don’t prevent water from getting inside but excel in letting water out and drying out quickly. They feature specialized eyelets for water drainage and mesh footbed for excellent circulation of air.
  2. Desert boots: These are special boots made of rough suede combined with nylon laces/siding. They don’t have steel protective inserts therefore able to eliminate excess heat. Besides, the boots lack drainage vents so no sand can get into the boot.
  3. Combat boots: These are boots designed to handle extreme temperatures. Some are designed to be solely waterproof, and others for harsher weather. Some combat boots are well crafted to handle temperatures of up to minus 200

Factors to consider when buying tactical boots

Picking the best tactical boots requires well thought out criteria. Shopping blindly will plunge you into regrets and loss. Some people grab anything they find in the store without considering how the boot is suited to their needs. Imagine walking all day long in rough terrain with the wrong boot? It’s not only boring and tiring but also something that can spoil your adventure.

To help you make an informed decision, I detailed some important topics you need to consider.

  • The bug out scenario

Although tactical boots are naturally universal, it is wise to focus on the realistic places you intend to use them.  Let’s face it; bug out scenarios are different, and the priority should be picking a boot that will offer you optimal benefits. For instance, if your scenario requires you to be light on the feet for faster movement go for a tactical boot with a flexible sole and is not very rigid in the ankle area.

  • Best raw material

Tactical boots are made of leather, plastic, metal, rubber, or a combination of these raw materials. The type of material used dictates the durability of the tactical boot. Boots made of poor material fade or tear up quickly and may not be used for long.

  • Good fit

The best tactical boot is one that is easy to put on and out even when in the not so ideal situations. You should be more cautious when selecting your perfect fit. Remember you will be wearing the boot for long and need one that will accord maximum comfort. If you select the right tactical boot, you will get optimal support and flexibility.

  • Decent look

Consider the design of the boot and ensure its appealing to you. Do not be influenced by sales representatives, make decision depending on what you deem perfect.


Military officers, outdoor adventurers, hikers, and tactical professionals require quality equipment that allows them to do their job efficiently and at the same time maintain the highest safety standards possible. Boots may seem like a small part, but they are an essential part of their uniform. Finding the best tactical boots in a market that is saturated with the different type of boots can be a daunting task, but with in-depth research and help from our review, you can be assured to find the best that fits properly. We assist you with the best choices and provide enough information on the best tactical boots in the market. Best of luck as you shop for you next tactical boot.