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Let’s face it; moving through the outdoors is demanding, and without the best-in-class tactical gear it’s never easy to sail through. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, it’s essential to have the best tactical pants as part of your wardrobe. The best fitting tactical pants help you to wade through every tactical scenario and blend in with the surroundings without a glitch.

Owing to the ever-increasing number of brands in the market, selecting the best tactical pants is becoming pretty difficult. Both newbies and the ardent buyers are facing a daunting task to select a pair that will fit in perfectly with their entire gear system. For this reason, we have prepared this guide to hold your hand and open your eyes to only the best value tactical pants.

5 Best Tactical Pants Quick List

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5 Best Tactical Pants Review in 2019

1. 5.11 Tactical  74273 Men’s TacLite Pro Pant

5.11 Tactical Men's Taclite Pro EDC Pants, Battle Brown, 34-Waist/32-Length
The Tactile Pro Pants never disappoint; they are designed to be incredibly lightweight and durable. In particular, the 5.11 Tactical 74237 model is engineered to provide optimal comfort and outstanding performance in the harsh outdoor recreational, professional, and other activity. Modelled after the legendary Tactical Pants, the 5.11 series feature superb niceties that make it stand out.

These are the best tactical pants for hot weather. The pants are crafted from an authentic blend of cotton ripstop (35%) and Tactile polyester (65%) fabrics. This combination of fabrics enables the pants to provide outstanding performance and comfort in the hot or humid conditions. Besides, the cotton is naturally soft on your skin whereas; polyester is resilient, abrasion resistant, and quick drying. In addition, this fabric blend is more wrinkle resistant, durable, and more shrink resistant than 100% cotton. Its fabric is effectively treated with Teflon for protection against soil, spills, and stains. For this reason, the pants are less likely to stain, and when it does, it’s pretty easy to remove the stain.

Moreover, The 5.11 Tactlite Pro Pant features a fully gusseted crotch and action waistband that provides unparalleled freedom of movement. Its exceptional finish feature extensive bartracking and triple stitch reinforcement at all the stress points. This, coupled with the double thick seat and knee provide maximum strength that ensures the pair is ready for crawling, running, kneeling, and hustling all outdoor activities demands.

With its signature seven pocket configuration including the slash rear pockets, you are guaranteed of the space for all your tactical gear. Additionally, the pair of pants features an integrated D ring at it ships that conveniently hold things like keys or ID.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Ideal for any outdoor activity
  • Many pockets for extra space


  • Little stretch
5.11 Tactical Men's Taclite Pro EDC Pants, Battle Brown, 34-Waist/32-Length
80 Reviews
5.11 Tactical Men's Taclite Pro EDC Pants, Battle Brown, 34-Waist/32-Length
  • Lightweight 65% polyester and 35% poly cotton ripstop is treated with HT Teflon...
  • Two cargo pockets; magazine/cell phone pocket
  • Signature rear strap and slash pocket design; rear web strap

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2. Propper men’s lightweight Tactical pants

Propper Men's Lightweight Tactical Pant, Sheriff Brown, 40 x 30
If you are in the hunt for a best tactical pants for your practical activities, look no further. The Propper men’s tactical pants are crafted to offer more than just comfort and durability. The pair is engineered to deliver outstanding performance in all the demanding situations.  It helps you to perform with efficiency and wade through the demands of field activities with ease.

The Propper Men’s Tactical Pant has a low profile design that is complemented by the blend of polyester (65%) and cotton (35%) fabrics. This lightweight and breathable ripstop fabric make the pants comfortable and durable. Besides, its fabrics are coated with the proprietary DuPont Teflon protector which repels liquids and stains. This ensures the pants do not shrink or fade over time thereby adding to the durability. Also, by wicking the moisture away, the Teflon coating guarantee comfort in the not so ideal weather conditions. Moreover, the low profile appearance makes it the best tactical pants for everyday wear.  Whether you are on or off duty, the Propper Men’s Tactical pants provide the convenience.

The Propper men’s lightweight tactical pants feature nine pockets and extra-large belt loops which enable you to carry your gear in comfort. It also comes with D rings for carrying your keys and other tools safely. Its action stretch waistband enhances comfort whereas its reinforced knee and seat bring extra durability and allows the use of knee pads.


  • Shrink, fade, and wrinkle resistant
  • Reinforced knee and seat
  • Highly durable and comfortable
  • Many pockets


  • Concern with size labeling
Propper Men's Lightweight Tactical Pant, Sheriff Brown, 40 x 30
1,769 Reviews
Propper Men's Lightweight Tactical Pant, Sheriff Brown, 40 x 30
  • Fade-, shrink- and wrinkle-resistant
  • Teflon fabric protector finish repels stains and liquids
  • Extra-large belt loops designed for nylon duty belt

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3. 5.11 Tactical Stryke Pant

5.11 Men's STRYKE Tactical Cargo Pant with Flex-Tac, Style 74369, Khaki, 36W x 32L
The 5.11 tactical stryke pant is an excellent option for any outdoor work. This pant is offered in ten colors and has waist sizes that range from28” to 54”. Regardless of your size, this 5.11 tactical series has the best fitting tactical pants for you.

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Speaking of the fabrics, this tactical pant features a highly durable stretch ripstop material that delivers superb performance. Whether you are bending, twisting, or extending its fabrics moves comfortably. In addition, the pants come with a gusseted crotch that improves comfort and at the same time remains active. Moreover, its self-adjusting tunnel waistband provides the convenience you need to holster your tactical gear (like a pistol) inside or outside the waistband. Its superbly reinforced knees complement its comfortable fit and durability.

What’s more; the 5.11 stryke pants features 12 pockets which provide enough space to haul your gear. Two of its pockets are secured with the Velcro strap and come with two internal pouches. The pouches are designed for M4 magazines or any other gear that you do not want to clank around as you go about your activity. In addition, its slash front pockets are comfortable and roomy with a flat contour that is reinforced to secure clipped accessories. Besides, the pants feature two reinforced slit pockets for pens, multitool, knife, or light.


  • Many operational features including lots of pockets
  • Different sizes and colors
  • Self-adjusting tunnel waistband
  • Highly durable
  • Coated with Teflon fabrics
  • Its comfortable


  • Its crotch is not highly durable
5.11 Men's STRYKE Tactical Cargo Pant with Flex-Tac, Style 74369, Khaki, 36W x 32L
1,460 Reviews
5.11 Men's STRYKE Tactical Cargo Pant with Flex-Tac, Style 74369, Khaki, 36W x 32L
  • The Stryke Pant is made from 5.11's patented two-way mechanical stretch 65%...
  • The Teflon fabric treatment protects against stains, spills, and soil to keep...
  • With comfort features like a self-adjusting tunnel waistband, a fully gusseted...

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4. 5.11 Tactical  74251 Men’s Cotton Pant

5.11 Tactical Tactical Pants,Fire Navy,44Wx32L
Another of the best tactical pants is the Tactical #74251 Men’s, Cotton Pant. This pant is crafted from tough yet very comfortable cotton canvas. Its design produces venerated tactical pants perfect for those in the military, law enforcement, and firefighting professions. The pants have set the standard in terms of quality, utility, and performance in the industry.

Its construction utilizes 8.5oz cotton canvas which is rounded out by triple stitch reinforcement for strength. Also, the pants feature extensive bartacking at all the key seams and stress areas to ensure maximum durability. The self-adjusting waistband is an incredible attribute for a secure fit when on the move. In addition, its knee and seat feature a double thick protection which adds not only protection but also comfort.

Additionally, this tactical pant is designed with hunters, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts in mind. Its seven pocket configuration provides the space you require to carry all your tactical gear. Its array of pockets feature a slash pocket design and signature rear strap. Besides, it integrates a D ring at the hip for holding your key or ID.


  • Seven-pocket configuration
  • Self-adjusting waistband
  • Highly durable material
  • Great fit that is comfortable to work with


  • Concerns about its sizing
5.11 Tactical Tactical Pants,Fire Navy,44Wx32L
1,054 Reviews
5.11 Tactical Tactical Pants,Fire Navy,44Wx32L
  • Tough 8.5-oz. cotton canvas; 7 pockets, signature rear strap and slash pocket...
  • Double and triple-stitch construction; 48 bartacks in high stress areas
  • Superior fit; self-adjusting comfort waistband

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5. Propper Men’s Canvas Tactical Pant

Propper Men's  Canvas Tactical Pant, Khaki, 34 x 32
This canvas tactical pant is designed to perform with efficiency in all the outdoor situations. It sports key features that ensure durability and strength regardless of what you demand from it while on the move. The Popper Men’s canvas tactical pants are constructed with rugged canvas fabric. The fabric is then coated with a durable water repellent (DWR) DuPont Teflon fabric protector that enables it to repel liquids and stains.

The pants are supplied in four different colors which include; black, khaki, dark navy, and olive. Besides, with its broad waist size selection (28” to 56”) it’s easier to find a perfectly fitting pant regardless of your waist size.

In terms of capacity, this is one of the best tactical pants thanks to its nine pockets. Everything from your multitool to your smartphone has its specially designed place. The pant has two extra-large cargo pockets featuring hook and loop closure. Besides, there are two front pockets designed to hold tool clip and folding knife firmly.

The pants also come with a D ring perfectly designed for your keys, ID, and other gear. In addition, its extra-large belt hoops and the action stretch waistband helps you to carry your gear comfortably. The knees and seat are reinforced for extra durability and feature an internal opening for the addition of knee pads.


  • Stain and liquid repellent
  • Fade, wrinkle, and shrink resistant
  • Highly durable material
  • comfortable


  • doesn’t come with a belt
Propper Men's  Canvas Tactical Pant, Khaki, 34 x 32
840 Reviews
Propper Men's Canvas Tactical Pant, Khaki, 34 x 32
  • Fade-, shrink- and wrinkle-resistant
  • Teflon fabric protector finish repels stains and liquids
  • Extra-large belt loops designed for nylon duty belt

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How To Choose The Best Tactical Pants

Initially, tactical pants were designed as practical work clothing for woodchoppers. However, because of their usefulness in combat situations, they were quickly embraced by both police and military forces. Their widespread popularity is no surprise given the level of protection they provide for the outdoor enthusiasts.

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However, the market has witnessed an influx of brands fighting for the ever increasing market share. As a result, deciding on the best tactical pants is a daunting task. Unless you arm yourself with the right information, you will fall for the traps of the fake brands.

There is no denying tactical pants provides a plethora of benefits which include easier movement and better fit. If you are in the market for the best tactical shorts or pants, here are some factor to consider to get a pant that will offer all the benefits.

  • The fabric

One of the most important factor to consider is the fabrics used to make the tactical pants. Inspecting the fabrics’ blend and weight is paramount. It’s quite uncomfortable to sweat in heavy pants while working in hot weather. At the same time, you must know that lightweight fabric is not highly durable. For this reason, if unaware of the outdoor weather go for lightweight ripstop fabric as it offers a good balance. However, if you think heat will be a concern a comfortable, lightweight fabric with reinforced knees will be an excellent pick. A point to remember is that you can wear thermals under your light pants, but it would be difficult to obtain better ventilation from heavy pants.

A blend of polyester and cotton provides comfort, but many opt for old cotton fabric. This is because old cotton is a natural fabric which cannot easily melt. The synthetic fabric like polycotton can cause terrible injuries in case of fire. Cotton is a safe bet in terms of security, but you easily find modern fabric blends which are safe.

  • Resistance and protection

Your tactical pant is the first line of shield against heat stroke, hypothermia, and sunburn. The reason you are buying the pants is to provide protection. How well it performs depends on the fabric used, how the fabric is treated/coated, and how the seams are brought together.

Protection from the harsh storms and water is top of the priority. Tactical pants coated with Teflon material offer the best water resistance. It seals out water making it bead and roll off. However, Teflon doesn’t offer protection when you are completely submerged in water. For such purposes, consider buying a quick-drying tactical pant.

When selecting the best tactical pants, take into consideration the activities you will be performing. Lightweight pants offer excellent protection for your skin when moving through thorny bushes and scrambling over rocks. They will also protect you against ticks and mosquitoes.

  • Durability

There are many types of tactical pants designed using different materials including; canvas, cotton, and synthetic fabrics.

Cotton is an excellent choice in terms of comfort and durability. However, it retains moisture and is heavier than the other. A number of cotton blends are available that offer better moisture wicking capabilities and are not heavier.  In addition, cotton fabric is treated with silicone for better weatherproofing which a notable benefit.

Canvas is superb since it doesn’t wear easily. However, it’s a lot heavier and doesn’t offer much in terms of ease of movement. Synthetic fabrics like spandex or lycra are typically lightweight which help them provide excellent flexibility. In addition, synthetic fabrics wick moisture well.

  • Ease of movement

Outdoor activities are demanding, for this reason, the best tactical pant is one that allows for ease of movement. The fabrics should be more flexible and come with excellent features like gusseting and pleats in the knees.

  • Cargo storage

Any well-prepared survivalist or outdoor enthusiast must be ready for every survival scenario. This means storing the essential tool in a place where they can be quickly accessed. The best tactical pant should feature deep pockets to allow for storage of self-defense weapon, knife, multitool, and flashlight. And to secure the tools, the pant should have zipper or Velcro closures.

Some tactical pants feature external cargo pockets while other have inlaid pockets. Regardless of the type of pocket, there should be enough room for all the important tactical gear. In addition, the pocket should be perfectly designed for convenient accessibility of the tools.

  • Pattern and color

Camouflage is key when working in the outdoors. If you are working with a unit, it’s important to ensure the pants you buy feature the right pattern either MultiCam or UCP. It’s also vital to get authentic fabric which is properly infrared treated.

In terms of the color, you will have to settle for camo or regular colored clothing. Each type of color has its pros and cons which depend on the locale and how they will be used. If you plan to navigate a populated area, desist from buying digital camo gear. Imagine standing out as the prepared person in a disaster scenario! In any disaster scenario, your chances of surviving will increase if you wear tactical gear that doesn’t look like real survival gear.

On the other hand, in a wilderness scenario, you need to blend in seamlessly with the natural surrounding. As a result, your camouflage will be greatly amplified if you wear pants with subtle earth tones and patterns.


If you are armed with the right information, buying the best tactical pant should easy. You just need to make a consideration based on how you want to use the pants, then take the factors highlighted above to make an informed decision. Always, take into account the elements or threats you are likely to face and select a pant that can counter the dangers.

One aspect that confuses many is the price of the pants. Regardless of the amount you are willing to spend just know you can get the best tactical pant for the money. However, never compromise the key features of the pants because of the price. Cheaper might prove to be expensive in the long run, on the other hand, expensive tactical pants don’t necessarily translate to quality.