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Today we will bring you the best tactical rifle scope for your rifles. A rifle scope is an important component to ensure a pleasant shooting experience and essential for both new hands and old to use one. Whether it is for hunting purposes or keeping pesky pests off properties, it is quite useful to use a tactical rifle scope.

You have probably heard stories of people missing out on shooting their target by just a few meters or centimeters. Not only can this lead to disappointment but also eat into hunting confidence.

In such a case, it becomes necessary to take the right measures to ensure the target is hit, every single time! This can be achieved through the use of a tactical rifle scope, as it enables you to shoot down your target with ease.

To help you get your hands on the best scope for your rifle, we have listed out six options to consider before buying the best one.

Best Tactical Scopes Quick List

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6 Best Tactical Rifle Scope Reviews In 2019

Here is a list of the best tactical scopes to consider for your rifle. Each one comes with its own set of pros and cons that have been mentioned for your reference.

1. Bushnell Trophy TRS-25

 Bushnell is well known for making amazing equipment. The Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 scope is a budget friendly scope and comes with a simple design feature. It can be used in a variety of weather conditions and helps you hit targets in low light settings. The scope is quite light and mounts easily on rifles.

This scope is a great option for beginners as well as professionals. Its eye relief is large and comfortable. One of the key features of this scope is the 11 brightness settings that it comes with. This allows you to see clearly in a range of light settings.

The focus dot does not move based on eye movements and thus you will not lose focus of your target. It comes with a power objective lens of 1×25 mm and a 3 MOA high rise. But beginners have to be a little careful while adjusting the settings as bright light around the target can make the red dot blurry.

It will be important to get accustomed to the different settings and modify them accordingly in order to spot the target with ease. If you are looking for the best budget rifle scope then this is the one for you.


  • Simple design and stress-free to use
  • Lightweight and easy to mount
  • Red dot reticle
  • Cheap yet powerful
  • Holds zero
  • 11 brightness settings
  • Long battery life
  • Can operate over 3000 hours


  • Red dot can become blurry in bright light conditions


2. CVLIFE Tactical Scope 2.5-10x40e

 The CVLIFE Tactical Scope is in a league of its own as it comes with a gun sight laser that is mounted over it for proper target focus. The scope comes with a 2.5-10X magnification and a 40mm objective lens. It comes with the Kellner eyepiece that provides accurate dioptric focus.

One of the biggest advantages associated with this scope is the scratch free lens coating that keeps debris, smudges and other disturbances from blocking your view.  This rifle scope is ideal for short range shooting. You can see clearly up to 100 yards and take accurate shots at the target.

The scope comes with both a red and a green MIL-DOT reticle. It is perfect for .223 caliber rifles and can be used to focus on objects up to 500 yards far. The unit arrives with five levels of brightness to help you spot the target in a range of lights, but might not prove to be the best choice in low light conditions.

It is a quality scope, despite the low price, and is completely weatherproof making it long lasting. Despite its positives, this scope might not be the best for professionals as it comes with a few design flaws.

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It is not well constructed and might not withstand professional use. Plus, it can become a little blurry at times, especially if the lighting is poor.


  • Pricing is under $50
  • Built-in laser sight
  • Illuminated reticle
  • MIL-DOT reticle
  • Two different types of mounts


  • Installation issues
  • Reticle issues
  • Blurry at times
  • Poor construction
  • Not for professional use


3. UTG Tactical Scope 3-9X32

The UTG tactical scope gets our vote as the best tactical rifle scope under $100. It comes with rave reviews from customers and is one of the best in the market. The UTG Tactical Scope 3-9X32 comes with a 1-inch tube and emerald coated lens that makes it easier to spot the target.

It comes with zero lockable target turret and a precise ¼ MOA for easy adjustments. The scope weighs in at a mere two ounces making it one of the lightest scopes and comes with a two inches sunshade. It has a red and green dual illumination.

This scope can be used in a wide range of climates including hot, humid, rainy etc. The range of the scope is quite impressive and can focus from three yards to infinity with a clear view. This scope is shockproof, fog proof and rain proof making it ideal for all seasons.

It has a comfortable eye relief that is suitable for people who use glasses or lenses. The emerald coated lens ensures better light transmission and makes it easy to spot targets even in low light settings.


  • Cheap and suitable for all users
  • Best scope for a 308 tactical rifle
  • Zero resettable target turrets
  • Easy focus


  • The battery door for the reticle tends to unscrew itself
  • You must double check the knob while using the scope
  • QD levers that tend to loosen over time
  • Should be tightened regularly to ensure they stay in place


4. Nikon P-223 Optics

If you are looking for the best long-range tactical rifle scope then this is the one for you! The Nikon P-223 Optics has been designed for long-range accuracy and is ideal to pair with .223 caliber rifles.

This scope comes with 3X magnification making it easier to spot targets that are far off. It comes with the ½ MOA tactical style turrets and a zero-reset turret. These hep you adjust the reticle to suit your needs. It comes with a fog proof and rain proof lens that makes it ideal for use in a range of climatic conditions.

The Nikon P-223 Optics is a great choice for professionals as it is equipped with the right features to make both long-range and short-range shooting simpler. This multi-coated optics makes for clear parallax free viewing up to 100 yards.

Overall, this optics is a great choice for professionals as it is equipped with the right features to make both long-range and short-range shooting simpler.


  • Multi-coated optics allows 98% light to filter through
  • Waterproof, shockproof and fog proof
  • Eye relief on this scope is amazing and huge
  • Easy to use even with heavy recoiling cartridges


  • Only suitable with .223 rifles and AR platform rifles


5. BARSKA AC11876 Rifle Scope

The Barska AC11876 rifle scope is one of the biggest and heaviest of the lot weighting in at 10.4 ounces. But it is fairly lightweight considering the level of features it provides and is nine inches long. The good thing about this scope is, it can be mounted on a rifle as well as a cross bow.

This scope provides a magnification of about four times and is suitable for close to medium range shooting. The lens provides clear and crisp viewing making it easy to spot the target. Its sunshade provided keeps shadows from appearing on the lens.

It comes with a MIL-DOT reticle and an objective lens of 32 mm that is charged with nitrogen making it shock proof, fog proof and rain proof. It is ideal to be taken out when you go out hunting in bad weather.

However, it would be best for beginners to avoid this scope as it is not the lightest in the market and needs to be set up correctly for best results.

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  • Fully illuminated reticles allow the right amount of light to filter through
  • Comes with large sunshade to prevent shadows
  • Long-lasting scope
  • Ideal for professional use


  • Reticle is a bit too thick for long-range shooting
  • Brightness setting is not easy to modify
  • Lens can sometimes become blurry


6. Vortex Optics Diamondback Rifle Scope

This is a great option to consider if you are looking for an affordable long-range tactical rifle scope. It comes with a multi-coated lens that gives you a clear view of the target. It is fog proof, rain proof and shock proof thus making it ideal for all conditions.

The clear lens holds at zero regardless of the conditions that surround you. It comes with a dead hold BDC reticle that is ideal for hunting and shooting at different ranges. You get 4X magnification and a comfortable eye relief.

It will be easy to take long-range shots but can also be used for medium range shooting. It Vortex Optics Diamond a quality scope, despite the low price, and is completely weatherproof making it long lasting.

This scope can be used by professionals and beginners alike.


  • Cheap scope and will fit into a beginner’s budget
  • Comes with a fast focus eye piece ideal for long range targeting
  • Has multi-coated optics
  • Has precision glide erector systems


  • One drawback its quality control issues
  • Not suitable for short range shooting


Things to Consider Before You Buy

Before you get down to decide on the best tactical rifle scope to purchase, it will be important to keep a few things in mind that are as follows.


The very first thing to consider is the price point. It will be best to work with a set budget in mind so that you can buy the best available option within your price range. Depending on the features and performance, rifle scopes can vary from $40 to $100.

The latter will not be as accurate as the former and come with lesser features. But they will be ideal for beginners.


The next aspect to consider is purpose. You must decide on the type of scope based on long range or short-range shooting.

Long range shooting scopes require a powerful magnification. Short range ones should hold zero. Beginners can do with a basic scope while professionals must opt for advanced features.


One key aspect to consider before buying a scope is precision. You must be able to take precise shots after mounting the scope so that you do not miss out on the target. The scopes mentioned above come with red dot and MIL-DOT reticles that hold zero.


Durability is a factor to consider while buying scopes. Once you buy the product, it should last you a good number of years and come with a good warranty clause.


In some cases, compatibility might be an issue and thus, it would be best to choose the scope that will work well with your rifle. Most of these scopes will work well with a .223 caliber rifle. They are easy to mount and will remain in place when you take shots.


Lastly, it is important to go through the reviews provided for the different scopes. Going through them will give you a clear understanding of the scope’s positives and negatives therefore making it easier to make the right decision.

The Last Line

A good tactical rifle scope can make all the difference and ensure you have a pleasant experience every time you go out hunting. Since we have done most of the dirty work for you, your work is narrowed down to going through each of the product’s details and picking the best one that ticks all your boxes.

So, whether it is the best inexpensive tactical rifle scope that you are looking for or the best long-range tactical rifle scope, you are sure to find the right fit from the options mentioned above.

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