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How long you have been in hunting?

You probably can be a beginner or a passionate hunter but couldn’t yet figure out what equipment or optics are mandatory and appropriate according to your hunting type. It’s not necessarily important to know how long you have been in hunting regardless of what optics you are using.

So there are some tactics and compulsory rules you need to look upon before you jump into spending money over anything which might not be useful for real.

Let’s just be practical there. Aside from panicking about the money, you should be determined about what tools will be appropriate for use. Because you are supposed to make the relevant use of the optics.

So here, I will illustrate about how to choose the right hunting optics sensibly.

How To Choose The Right Hunting Optics Before Buy?

For every hunting lovers and passionate hunters, it’s a matter of great joy that hunting optics are developing with better updates and more versatile features. Surely, technology and modern science is doing wonders with no bound.

Before getting our feet wet ahead to the main topic, I want you to decide first what you are using the optics for.

For example;

  • It can be a long range hunting with wide field view
  • Extreme distanced target shooting
  • Close range hunting in a wide field view
  • In shooting competition where aiming, position, shooting, zooming everything matters. (Speed shooting requires proper trigger force too.)
  • It can be wildlife observation where zooming features are must.

Therefore, it differs from one type to another and so does its requirements. You need to find out which tool will be overwhelming and appropriate for your hunting. Because saving some bucks and updated better features won’t benefit you if you miss to reach your actual goal.

There’s a saying goes “look before you leap”. So be careful while choosing your optics. It won’t make any sense if the overkilling features does not kill your target.

Optics You Might Need to Hand

You aren’t really supposed to mess up in hunting or hurt yourself anyways. So, there are certainly some optics you need to approach before you go for ‘kill’.

1. Prescription Eyewear (If you have issues)

It is basically for having a clear shot. Prescription eyewear ensures eliminating glare from the eyes and make your target to appear crystal clear. No matter what is your hunting type or which weapon you intend to use, prescription eyewear is obligatory to purchase.

It requires to own quality and long durability. So, without rushing yourself, make sure pursuing the best eyewear according to your budget.

How to Choose

If you are already a contact wearer and thinking to go for a longer shot, then make sure you are calm enough to keep your contacts clean.

Your eyes don’t suppose to be too dry. Because it can appear blurry images when you are looking at your target for so long.

2. Sunglasses Are Obvious


You will need to have a polarized sunglass after prescription lenses. It also reduces glare. Surprisingly, different lens colors will provide you different contrast.

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For example, if you purchase copper lens, it will boost the contrast and also make it dimensional.

How to Choose

When you are buying the sunglasses, try not to forget about the fact that it needs to wrap your head. Instead of looking cool like an eyewear model, keep your attention to not get distracted from the sun rays coming from left or right.

3. Scopes


Firstly, let’s come closer to the facts about scopes. It is basically used for viewing. Scopes provide you to attain magnified views, zooming features including different telescopic sights. In hunting, its necessary to get a clear vision, otherwise you will be unable to kill your target.

There are several kinds of scopes based on different hunting types. Let’s see what they are and what they have to offer us and why.

  • Rifle Scopes

Riflescope generally magnifies the target. It requires to persist the facts about the numbers and recognize what they offer you to know about the arrangement. It is called the heart of shooting because it owns the power of proper magnification which ensures your target not to be missed.

So, if you are new at hunting then whether you are willing to kill a bird or a specific target, you need to carry a suitable riflescope. Then choosing a light weighted and the best tactical rifle scope.

How to Choose

Before you intend to use rifle scope, you need to identify the numbers. You will get to know that the first number consists magnification formula and then comes the lens diameter indicator formula.

It depends on whether you are going for a long distant hunt or short, bird killing, or other hunting initiatives. However, if you are aiming for a 1500 yard competition, you will need to have a long ranged riflescope. Contrarily, a few distanced target will require short ranged riflescope.

Hunters who prefer to encounter large animals such as deer in a close distant have to use scope with wide field view.

  • Binoculars

Do you desire to improve your complications towards success? Then choosing a light weighted, portable and suitable binocular is mandatory. By using a bino, you can attain a magnified view of any distant stuff.

Basically, it is used for hunting, bird seeing, astronomy, military for shooting and different outdoor creativities. So, if you don’t really intend to miss your target even if it is a game animal, then you must own a binocular.

How To Choose

If you are a beginner, you might admire to buy and win. For “dealing and stealing,” you should go for under 100$ priced binos. It’s not really like having a cheap bino only provides close zooming for kids.

You can use it for your hunting too, but make sure you don’t expect any extra features or long durability because the lower the price, the lower its lasting will be. I will personally suggest you to buy Nikon 8245 Aculon A2118x 42 binocular.

  • Rangefinders

It includes not only distance accuracy but also wind speed, air pressure, etc. It will be worth mentioning the fact that even the masters of hunting keep practicing to mount the accuracy of shooting.

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So here, rangefinder is a must have if you want to prove yourself as a hunter.

  • Spotting Scopes

A spotting scope is generally a small portable, light weighted device which includes some tools to provide an erect image, shot placements, and magnified views. It is used for naturalist activities, bird seeing, tactical ranging, etc.

This is needed to be said that the larger the object, the massive the expenses will be.

So, these are the scopes for your specific hunting needs.

4. Sights


Now, let’s take a look into sights. These are generally used for accuracy in your aim. But it doesn’t really provide you better magnification properties. Luckily, scopes and sights can be merged for tremendous windage, parallax, and height to compensate.

Below are the popular three types of sights;

  • Laser Sight

You can’t really depend on laser sights because it is a sensitive device and depends on the atmospheric situation, distance, target, lighting, etc. It’s already an extra device to include in. Because of its limitations, hunters don’t prefer to use it mostly.

  • Bow Sights

It provides you to achieve an accurate view of your target. For proper aim and alignment, hunters prefer to use the bow sights. The consistency of your shooting in a same place requires to have fixed pin sight.

So, if you are at a long distance and repeatedly intend to shoot, then bow sight is the right choice whereas peep sights fail to compensate the requirement.

  • Reflex Sights and Holographic Sights

It is said that holographic sights are mainly another sort of reflex sight with different projection system holding a holographic glance. But reflex sights don’t supposedly perform like holographic sights.

Rather, reflex sights are used for the facilities of red dots, mirror imaging feature, and converting LED into a curved glass surface. For speed shooters, fast close ranged shooting, and mostly in military, reflex sights do outstanding job.

5. Trail Cameras

trails cameras

Lastly, let me introduce you with the trail cameras. To get intimate with proper hunting activities such as moving locations, changing patterns of moving, animal habits, differences while changing atmosphere etc. for the observation and discovering various hunting activities, a trait camera is all you need.

My Personal Tip

Lastly, I always consider 5 preconditions while choosing the right optic for my hunting trips. And, I urge you to follow these too.

  1. Magnification Ability
  2. Durability
  3. Adjustable Components
  4. Reticles
  5. Exit Pupils


You are going to fool yourself if you really think that owing all the optics or the expensive ones will make you a tremendous hunter overnight.

Because no matter how much money you have spent or how many upgraded optics you own, it won’t be beneficial unless you perceive what you are actually willing for. And as I always say, don’t ever compromise safety and quality.