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10 Best Tactical Backpacks Review in 2019 With Ultimate Buying Guide

Best Tactical Backpack

Tired of the day-to-day hustling and bustling through the city?

Wanna take a breather?

My advice would be to run off to a holiday resort or a mountainous region for a well-deserved vacation. Others might advise you to do fly fishing, camping, or even bungee jumping!

No matter where you go, you’ll need a bunch of stuff. And, a thing or two to carry that stuff.

Now, when traveling to distant places, the common practice is taking the travel bags along for the ride. A backpack is more of a realistic solution.

But if you are really willing to go the extra mile, get the best tactical backpack available for purchase.

So, why go tactical when you have hundreds of options?

These things are worth every dime you spend on them. But you need to have “Hawk” eyes to spot the top candidate that matches your needs.

In this article, I’ve delved into “Why” you should get one and how to go about the purchase.

Just so you get an “Extra” lift in your research, I threw in my short list of Top Tactical Backpack models as well.

Hop on and enjoy the ride

Best Tactical Backpack Comparison Table

Editor's Choice
5.11 RUSH72 Tactical Backpack for Military, Bug Out Bag, Molle Pack, Large, Style 58602, Black
Condor 3 Day Assault Pack (Olive Drab, 3038-Cubic Inch)
Best Price
5.11 RUSH24 Military Tactical Backpack, Molle Rucksack Bug Out Bag, Medium, Style 58601, Black
5.11Tactical RUSH12 Military Backpack, Molle Bag Rucksack Pack, 24 Liter Small, Style 56892
Red Rock Outdoor Gear Assault Pack (Medium, Black)
5.11 RUSH72 Tactical Backpack for Military, Bug Out Bag, Molle Pack, Large, Style 58602, Black
Condor 3 Day Assault Pack (Olive Drab, 3038-Cubic Inch)
5.11 RUSH24 Military Tactical Backpack, Molle Rucksack Bug Out Bag, Medium, Style 58601, Black
5.11Tactical RUSH12 Military Backpack, Molle Bag Rucksack Pack, 24 Liter Small, Style 56892
Red Rock Outdoor Gear Assault Pack (Medium, Black)
1,147 Reviews
1,089 Reviews
1,237 Reviews
1,111 Reviews
754 Reviews
Editor's Choice
5.11 RUSH72 Tactical Backpack for Military, Bug Out Bag, Molle Pack, Large, Style 58602, Black
5.11 RUSH72 Tactical Backpack for Military, Bug Out Bag, Molle Pack, Large, Style 58602, Black
1,147 Reviews
Check Price
Condor 3 Day Assault Pack (Olive Drab, 3038-Cubic Inch)
Condor 3 Day Assault Pack (Olive Drab, 3038-Cubic Inch)
1,089 Reviews
Check Price
Best Price
5.11 RUSH24 Military Tactical Backpack, Molle Rucksack Bug Out Bag, Medium, Style 58601, Black
5.11 RUSH24 Military Tactical Backpack, Molle Rucksack Bug Out Bag, Medium, Style 58601, Black
1,237 Reviews
Check Price
5.11Tactical RUSH12 Military Backpack, Molle Bag Rucksack Pack, 24 Liter Small, Style 56892
5.11Tactical RUSH12 Military Backpack, Molle Bag Rucksack Pack, 24 Liter Small, Style 56892
1,111 Reviews
Check Price
Red Rock Outdoor Gear Assault Pack (Medium, Black)
Red Rock Outdoor Gear Assault Pack (Medium, Black)
754 Reviews
Check Price

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10 Best Tactical Backpacks Review in 2019

I understand that tactical backpacks make people’s heads spin most of the times. Finding the right one means scouring through the haystack for a needle. That is why I’ve made things easy for my readers by compiling a shortlist of top tactical backpack candidates. Best tactical backpack top ten of competitive models from different brands listed below. Let’s go over brief reviews for each of them.

1. 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack

best tactical bacpacks5.11 tactical backpack is the best 3 day tactical backpack. Believe me when I tell you that carrying all your things for a vacation or a trip to the mountains will be easier with this baby by your side. The 5-11 Tactical Rush 72 comes with heaps of feature balancing the comfort with the load capacity.

The first thing that caught my eye about this product is the support insert. It gives the backpack its shape. The insert is semi-rigid. It allows you to distribute the weight that you carry when you put loads in the bag.

There is also a solid rod that grants strong support to your back. This thing prevents your shoulders from feeling any strain. To top it off, you get a nylon exterior that grants durability on the outside too.

The compartments of this thing are large. You get ample room to pack in whatever you like. Remember I spoke on having roomy backpack? Well, the pockets are large enough to carry clothes, shoes, and small accessories. People can even carry water bottles or different beverages in special pockets dedicated to carrying them.

Did I forget about the “Sunglass Pockets” specially dedicated to your eyewear? Well, the pockets in 5-11 Tactical Rush 72 is made with a special fleece. The pocket protects your sunglasses through thick and thin.

Then you get the carry handle. This is specially designed to handle the weight when you are carrying large items and a high weight limit.

Carrying the backpack is just as easy. Thanks to the Yoke shoulder straps, people can adjust the waistline better. My shoulders didn’t cave in when I put the backpack on. This thing is easy to adjust.

Plus, you have it padded so no discomfort. You have additional waist straps to make sure the backpack holds onto you tightly.

Things I Liked about the Backpack

  • This thing is made of Nylon that makes it a sturdy backpack with the additional support inside.
  • Multiple large-size compartments make organizing things really easy for any user.
  • Shoulder straps are padded to ensure that you never bargain with comfort and satisfaction.
  • The eyewear pocket and the ventilation system seamlessly blends into the design.
  • The price for the performance you get from this backpack is just perfect.

Things I Didn’t Like about Backpack

  • Few people stated their concerns regarding the zipper quality of this backpack.


2. Condor 3 day assault backpack

best military backpackCondor 3 days assault is the best tactical EDC backpack. If you want to get going on an adventure trip to the other corner of the world, this is the backpack to take along. Specially with seven large pockets, it can carry any and everything you stuff in those things.

One can carry radio for camping trips, maps, documents in the second compartment of this bag. This thing substitutes as the perfect military backpack. So much so that you get “Zipper Pull” pockets or compartments at the front. You won’t have to burst the whole thing open just to put your stuff there.

Also, you get to keep all your water and soda bottles in two “Mesh” pockets at both the sides.

This is the ideal backpack to prep and get lost in the wilderness with. Trust me, it can sustain the thrust. Reinforced Shoulder Straps keep it steady on your back. Then you have the sternum strap to add a layer of security. Not many best rucksack backpack come with “D” ring to attach additional things.

Hold on! I am not done! You get removable waist straps too. Not to mention, they are all padded and breathable for an extra layer of comfort.

It is not just the shoulder straps. You get a foam back panel to keep the load from affecting your back.

Not to forget the carry handle which you can use to do as the name implies, carry the bag. There is also a drag handle in case you feel like using this thing in inventive ways. Again, to take the heavy load, the best inversion table could be your choice.

Things I Liked about the Backpack

  • There are many compartments that allow you to store various things in the backpack.
  • Different compartments or pockets help to keep your things organized.
  • People can adjust the height of the backpack using shoulder straps.
  • You can take it to the mountains with the 2L and 3L bladder compatibility aka Hydration chamber.
  • Shoulder straps scream the word “Quality.”

Things I Didn’t Like about Backpack

  • Mesh pouches are a liability according to very few of the users.


3. 5.11 Tactical Rush 24 Back Pack

5.11 Tactical RUSH24 BackpackWell, speaking of the same brand of backpacks sucks. But hey, these 5.11 RUSH models are few of the best backpacks money can buy you. Especially when they are made in USA and made of Nylon, a fabric with high tensile strength. If I am to be specific, it is 1050D Nylon. This makes 5.11 Tactical Rush waterproof too.

Let’s do a benefit count here. With 5.11 RUSH 24, you get a main compartment with lots of space. Then there are the side pockets with sturdy zippers (which I will get to in a moment) that facilitate small items. You have a pocket where you can shove your phone chargers, phones, mp3 players, and in short… Everything.

This pocket features a “Draw Cord.” It might not look the part but when you pull the cord the pocket shrinks and makes the bag small in size. As a result, it can fit in the lockers of planes and public transports.

Want more? You get to have admin compartments. Three of them. The zippered side water bottle pockets come handy when you are on a lengthy trip. There’s a specific place to hold your nametapes and flag patches too.

While we are on pockets, there’s a fleece pocket that holds your eyewear as well. It keeps sunglasses safe from sudden shocks or movements. You can use the “Grab-and-Go” handle or MOLLE straps to carry this thing. I am more of a “Slick Stick” kind of a guy and this bag has room at the back for that too.

This thing has a capacity of 37 Liters. Yes, it is massive. But you can carry the load on your back without any troubles. The shoulder straps are at your disposal. Yes, they are padded to ensure you remain comfortable.

Also, you get two straps around the bag to help you compress it and avoid being overwhelmed. There’s even a hydration chamber towards your back.

Things I Liked about the Backpack

  • 5.11 Rush 24 backpack is sturdy with nylon at its side.
  • The thing comes with YKK zippers and well-managed zipper tracks.
  • I can vouch for the quality of the compartments and the room they offer to people.
  • Given the number of options, it is a versatile bag to have by your side.
  • Large size makes it ideal for short and long-term expedition tours besides traveling.
  • Shoulder straps are padded and you have a hydration chamber towards your back.

Things I Didn’t Like about Backpack

  • People would love additional compression straps given the size of this thing.


4. 5.11 Tactical Rush 12 Back Pack

5.11 Tactical RUSH 12 Backpack-minTo be perfectly honest with you, this is the older sister of the product you saw first on my list of top tactical backpack options. The reason I am putting up sister models is that this thing offers same level of comfort and ease as the first one and in some cases, doubles it.

As usual, I am pointing my fingers at a product that is a military backpack, can substitute for a duffle bag, can be a hunting equipment, and a general storage if you decide to get up one day, pack your bags, and leave. Yes, with 1050D Nylon, it is water resistant. People can drag it anywhere they wish.

Forget 5, 6, 9, or 10 compartments. This giant of a bag has “Sixteen” compartments. And you guys can organize virtually anything in those. Anything from first-aid kit, glasses, and bottles to clothes or diapers can fit in these pockets. You don’t even have to open up the whole thing. Just undo YKK zippers to gain access to outer compartment.

You have the “Electric” pocket to put your laptop or charger in. Then you have a general one to dump all your “Soft” accessories. Oh yeah, it features a sunglass pocket as well. Pretty neat!

I enjoyed the hydration pocket setup that came along the package when I bought it for myself. You get padded shoulder straps, the waist straps, and a foam-padded back panel as well. I wouldn’t forget the carry handle now would I?

Lastly, there are compression straps on offer too. They are handy when you’ve packed too much and want to shrink the load for the product to fit tight with your shoulders.

Things I Liked about the Backpack

  • 16 different compartments make your stress go away. All of them have specific uses.
  • Padded shoulder straps, compression straps, and removable waist strap allow you to feel snug.
  • The fabric is water resistant; take it anywhere you want to go.
  • This thing serves as a multipurpose backpack suitable for wide range of uses.
  • 60 Oz. Hydration system comes along if you want to cool yourselves while hiking or adventure riding.

Things I Didn’t Like about Backpack

  • If you don’t pack in a bladder, the back panel feels shallow due to the unused space.


5. Red Rock Outdoor Gear Assault Pack

best tactical backpack under 50Red rock outdoor gear assault is the another best tactical range backpack. I don’t know about you but I think people with dry wallets get to go on their dream adventure too. They’d just need the best tactical backpack under 50 dollars. That is what I’ve pulled up for you in the form of Red Rock Outdoor Gear Assault Pack.

I’ll be brutally straight with you. This backpack is for the small-sized people. With only 12.5” height and 18” width, people cannot carry too much luggage. But the small backpack can be expanded to full capacity quickly.

Now, with this one, you don’t get to enjoy all the high-end features. But you’ll make do. Polyester instead of Nylon makes for a water resistant and odorless material. You can take it anywhere with you.

Because it costs less, you have to compromise in the “Size” department. It is on the smaller side of the spectrum. But still, you get to work with 2-Liter capacity of this thing. The compartments are medium in size. But you get to expand or compress them with four different straps at play.

Don’t think little of this product. People get to enjoy the Velcro top closure that operates smoothly. Then you have the Mesh back panel. Don’t worry, this thing is breathable and won’t make it all sweaty.

The shoulder straps are padded. As an added bonus, you get “D” rings too. Albeit made of plastic, these rings compensate for less number of pockets. You can carry additional stuff of yours using these rings.

Things I Liked about the Backpack

  • Four different expansion and compression straps make the job easier.
  • Suitable for packing things up at a pace and at correct order.
  • Shoulder straps are padded for additional comfort with a mesh back panel.
  • “D” rings do a good job in expanding the capacity of this backpack to its full potential.
  • The material is surprisingly well-crafted for such a machine.

Things I Didn’t Like about Backpack

  • This backpack is smaller compared to the competition out there on the market.
  • D rings are made of plastic and may fall apart.


6. Maxpedition Falcon-II Backpack

Maxpedition Sitka GearslingerIf you ask for a durable piece of a product, I’d recommend you Maxpedition Falcon-II. The name says it all. This durable piece of beast is suitable for long trips and days and days of expeditions. Thanks to the 1000 Denier Nylon, this one product I can vouch for. The material is lightweight as well as durable.

Not to mention, it is water resilient. Large part of the credit goes to Polyurethane. This is a thing for all seasons. Then you have the last layer of DuPont Teflon. It protects the fabric from external damages of any kind. You want awesome? This is awesome!

So, what’s on the inside? I like the fact that all the compartments are independent. Each compartment has multiple pockets to expand the storage capacity. Falcon-II has PALS attachments to further the storing capacity. Each one is twice the actual size of the backpack.

The whole system is connected through YKK zippers that are top of the line. So are the zipper tracks. They are smooth and easy to operate. The main zipper track goes 2 ways. Pull the zippers and you open the clamshell to expand the whole package.

It won’t be an understatement to call it a military rucksack backpack. You get Nylon straps for durability. Obviously, shoulder straps are padded. The manufacturers have identified some stress points that are carefully double-stitched with composite threads. And there are the Duraflex buckles just to add the cherry on top.

Things I Liked about the Backpack

  • Nylon makes the backpack durable and lightweight at the same time.
  • This backpack features multiple independent compartments with independent pockets.
  • It comes with quality nylon webbed straps and double stitching for durability.
  • You get PALS pockets that you can attach if you need additional storage besides the standard.
  • People get to carry 2 water 100 Oz. water bottles in specially designed reservoir pockets.

Things I Didn’t Like about Backpack

  • Shoulder straps are durable but they are stiff for most people.
  • Ventilation system at the back may be a cause for concern.


7. Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger

Maxpedition Sitka GearslingerNeed a Tactical Backpack for hunting? Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger is your answer. Made with the same 1000-Denier Coated Nylon, it is lightweight and sturdy. Just the ideal product for hunting or any hiking trip you may take this summer.

As usual, it comes with Teflon Coated fabric. It allows your product to survive for years even with low maintenance. What’s different this time then? Well, it is the Triple coating of polyurethane that makes this backpack water resilient to the core.

Sitka Gearslinger has a strength of a beast. I give the credit to the Nylon webbing and stitches that ensure high tensile strength without compromising weight.

The stress points are double stitched in case you carry heavy loads. Even the pockets have #AS100 foam padding for shock protection when they are closed.

In case you don’t know, this bag can be carried in multiple ways. Most popular would be the single-shoulder position. Specifically, over the left shoulder. That is why the stress on the shoulder is greater than the competition. But as expected, shoulder straps are padded and double stitched for comfort.

You can access the bag from multiple positions be it while standing, sitting down or while walking. YKK zippers do a good job sealing the pockets shut. You get to carry water bottle the size of 32-ounce Nalgene bottles.

When you are out on a long trip, this military-grade backpack gives you the liberty of packing 100-ounce hydration reservoir just in case. Manufacturers even made it compatible with CCW things if you want to carry them around.

Things I Liked about the Backpack

  • It is a full-blown military-style tactical backpack suitable for multiple uses.
  • You can carry the backpack in multiple positions thanks to the shoulder straps and carry handles.
  • Pockets are spacious and have foam protection against shock damage.
  • Nylon threads and webbing give it the high tensile strength that it boasts of.
  • This lightweight product is easily accessible and has a hydration chamber compatible with CCW.

Things I Didn’t Like about Backpack

  • I found no negative sides to this product as of yet.


8. Sandpiper of California Bug out Backpack

Sandpiper of California Bugout BackpackOkay, this is the friendliest backpack I found when I was looking for one for long distance traveling. Sandpiper Bugout is perfect if you want to shove it down to the overhead carrier of an airplane.

For a travel backpack under 100 bucks, the making of this thing is surprisingly sturdy. It can hold its own when you fill it to the throat. The main compartment gives you plenty of space if you are tagging along your laptop and clothing for a few days.

The zippers are strong. I mean really strong. Even if you overfill this thing, zippers hold the contents in place. The tracks are pretty well laid out too. This thing sold over one million units. That speaks volumes about its quality.

You can open the backpack with minimal effort. Just unzip the front compartment to see through. You’ll find multiple pockets lined up for different uses.

I found it suitable for public transport. People can use it as a duffle bag thanks to the carrying handle. The shoulder straps are well-padded.

There’s a waist strap too if you want to put the load off from your shoulders. The back straps add an extra layer of protection when you need one. It can expand and shrink down to normal size too.

Things I Liked about the Backpack

  • Fits into standard lockers in busses and airplanes.
  • This product can be used as a roller and a duffle bag too.
  • The handles grant you the privilege of carrying the bag in different positions.
  • Additional waist and back straps allow you to have less strain and more maneuverability.

Things I Didn’t Like about Backpack

  • The bottom of the bag has no cushion; sturdy things inside might suffer damage.


9. Eberlestock Halftrack Hunting Pack

Eberlestock Halftrack PackIf you REALLY want to go the distance for a nice and well-rounded Hunting pack, let me give you Eberlestock Halftrack Hunting Pack. Yes, this will cost you quite a bit but this thing has a way of over delivering people on its promises. How so? Let’s find out.

As far as the best hunting backpacks go, they are all sturdy and durable. This one is no exception. At this point, you know how good of a product is if 1000Denier Nylon goes into its making. The fabric oozes durability. That is why people use it to carry heavy stuff.

Just to make my point a bit clear, you have aluminum sheet on the inside and plastic frame on the outside. That makes Eberlestock lightweight and you can carry it on your back for miles without any actual strains.

Just to add an extra layer of safety, you have hand sewn fabric to strengthen the straps. Then there is foam padding to keep your back and shoulders from tiring due to a potential long journey.

The fabric is breathable. It has a nice way to exhume the heat out in the environment. Your shoulders or backpack pockets won’t sweat. Just to add a tad bit of information, all these things are patented and unique toEberlestock Halftrack Hunting Pack only.

Moving on to pockets, it has three compartments. One “Fold Down” shelf separates the main chamber from upper and lower compartments. All three are spacious. You’ll find many tuck pockets as you dive deeper into the compartments. These can be used to keep various things safe and snug.

Feel free to store water bottles in side pockets. You can carry up to 3-Liter bottles there. If you want to free up the inside pockets for gears, use the PALS pockets for 2L bladders instead.

Worried about it being damaged by water? Don’t. Eberlestock Halftrack Hunting Pack comes with a rain cover that is included inside the bottom pocket. Whenever you are in rain, pull it out and cover the whole thing up in seconds.

Things I Liked about the Backpack

  • The whole thing is durable thanks to 1000D Nylon fabric at work.
  • Numerous pockets carry different things and keep them organized.
  • The plastic flap has a pocket where you can store radio too.
  • The hunting backpack uses patented safety system that includes straps, padding, and ventilation.
  • This thing comes with a cover that keeps your sensitive things safe when the sky is pouring rain.

Things I Didn’t Like about Backpack

  • Many would undoubtedly consider the price to be too high compared to their expectations.


10. LA Police Gear Operator Tactical Backpack

best tactical backpack under 100The last product on my list of recommendations today costs a lot less than some of its peers. The economic nature of this product makes LA Police Gear Operator Tactical Backpack a crowd favorite.

This tactical backpack is made with 600D polyester fabric. Combine it with PVC coating and you have a handy recipe. It allows you to have a waterproof product at hand.

This is mainly used for the military of police maneuvers. But people can take it to casual tours too.

The main compartment allows you to store your clothing and important things. The spacious bag holds small things in other pockets as well.

For example, the inner flap conceals mesh compartments that can hold electronic stuff. You also have two pockets for radio and one for an antenna. If you didn’t notice, there is a compartment towards the lower front part of this model as well. Feel free to keep towels and other stuff here.

The upper front compartment allows for people to keep first-aid kits, ammo, and other tactical stuff needed for the police. This police backpack comes with magazine pouches and adjustable space that you can use for other stuff. Lastly, there is a small pouch covered in MOLLE. It allows for small but important things to be placed there.

Thanks to this MOLLE, you can attach additional pouches or pockets too. You can carry 3L hydration reservoir with this product. There’s one small glitch. You need to purchase the reservoir separately. Feel free to route the pipe in any way you please.

Obviously, to carry this huge load, you’d need strong and padded straps that comfort your shoulders and back. Luckily LA Police Tactical Backpack has that. Also, there are straps to shrink the backpack so that it doesn’t look bulky. Even these straps have hook and loop system so that nothing hangs abruptly.

Things I Liked about the Backpack

  • A complete “Mission Ready” tactical backpack with durability and flexibility.
  • Numerous pockets to make sure you pack EVERYTHING there is to pack for a trip.
  • There are many ways to carry this beast besides the standard shoulder straps.
  • You can pair up 3L hydration reservoir with this model besides the standard water bottles.
  • The straps are well maintained with one for the waist and other for the sternum besides shoulders.

Things I Didn’t Like about Backpack

  • You need to purchase the hydration reservoir separate from the actual product.

Best Tactical Backpack under $50

Tactical backpacks are great assets to carry along for the adventure enthusiasts. They are designed to be more durable than ordinary backpacks. They are also built to withstand harsh conditions. The best ones are spacious to carry a lot of things needed for survival in the wild. So organized are these small tactical backpacks that they easier to carry along and can fit different items in the smart pockets for easier reach. Whether you’re planning to go on an extended hike or an alpine climb, you need the best small tactical backpack in the market for a wonderful experience.

So, if you’re looking for the best tactical backpack under $50, here is a simplified search to find the right choice.

CVLIFE Outdoor Tactical Backpack

for the best tactical backpack under $50The excellent rucksack model from CVLIFE is highly sleek and compact. Built with a highly durable waterproof material, the CVLIFE Outdoor Backpack ensures your essentials are safe throughout the journey. The Nylon material also ensures the compact backpack is wearable and durable. In addition, it comes with sufficient Sternum straps with a padded and adjustable shoulder strap that help to keep weights off your shoulder for an extremely comfortable feeling.

The adjustable loops help to keep the bag in position on your back and it’s easier to adjust when needed.  It also features two compartments with two front pockets just beneath the mesh lining to store personal items. Every compartment is built with an organizer to allow you to store your things in an organized manner.

The durable material of the bag helps to keep it in good shape no matter the weather condition. Overall, if you need the best tactical backpack for the money, this is a fantastic option.


  • Sturdy 600d Nylon material
  • Two spacious compartments with enough storage
  • Small and compact design
  • Waterproof material
  • Several interior pockets
  • Adjustable should strap to relieve bag pressure on shoulders


  • In some instances, heavy loads may lead to straps tear
  • In some cases, the bag needs to be aired out


Eyourlife Military Tactical Backpack

best cheap tactical backpackTake charge of your hiking life with the Eyourlife Military Tactical Backpack. It is one of the most efficient and best military tactical backpack in the market. The durable and heavy fabric construction makes this backpack strong and reliable. The 600D material that is waterproof makes it one of the best backpack that can survive even the harshest conditions. The two-way zippers allow the user to load and unload items comfortably.

It’s just the perfect size with two compartments and an upper and lower front pocket making it ideal for outdoor adventure or schooling. The padded breathable mesh lining and shoulder straps offer extra cushioning to keep you cool and comfortable even when carrying the load. With such features, it’s the best cheap tactical backpack you can find.

It comes with a MOLLE expansion system designed to be used together with other equipment. You can easily load pockets, accessory kits, water bottle bag, and other equipment.


  • Multi-use for a comfortable experience
  • Durable
  • Compact design to carry along
  • MOLLE external expansion system that is combined with other equipment
  • Accessory loops and shoulder straps for an extra cushioning on the back.
  • Waterproof material


  • Straps may tear after carrying heavy loads
  • Waist straps may not fit for other people


CVLIFE Outdoor 50L Military Tactical Backpack

best budget tactical backpacAnother rucksack from CVLIFE is the Outdoor 50L Military backpack. It has a green camo that is the idea of military operations but hikers can use this backpack for adventure and assume that military look. The 600D Nylon material makes this bag strong and durable. It is naturally waterproof which makes it a perfect backpack for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, traveling, trekking, and so on.

As far as performance is concerned, this backpack comes with plenty of storage space and three MOLLE packs on the bottom and sides. The adjustable shoulder strap combined with a hip and chest belt comes in handy when dealing with heavy loads. They are sturdy and can hold up a lot of essentials so you don’t have to worry about carrying all your camping equipment at once. For the price, this is bag is considered the best budget tactical backpack you will find on the market.


  • Waterproof material
  • Green camo design
  • Comes with three molle packs
  • Thick padding for extra comfort
  • Durable 600d Nylon material
  • Adjustable straps for carrying heavy loads


  • Straps may tear if put under extreme weight
  • Not ideal for tall wearers


Best Tactical Sling Backpack Review

Avid hikers and climbers understand the value of buying a tough backpack because it’s hard to predict when the weather suddenly turns south and you may be faced with a survival situation. Modern tactical backpacks are built to provide the best experience with compact design, extra compartments, and durable construction.

On the other hand, carrying a bag in the wrong way can actually cause shoulder or back pain. Sling packs help to eliminate these problems. A good sling backpack gives you lightweight, easy shifting, security, freedom, and organization.

So, here we look at some of the best tactical sling backpacks in the market.

G4Free Outdoor Sling Tactical Backpack

best single sling tactical backpackThe G4Free Sling Tactical Backpack is small and lightweight such that people love it because it can be carried like a purse. It is perfect for many outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, running, and so on. It’s even a perfect choice for commuting to the office.

With several internal pockets, zippered pockets, three compartments, and one padded back pocket, this sling backpack is compact enough to carry any type of accessory you want.

The multipurpose feature that allows it to be used as a chest bag, an ECD sling pack, a pouch, diaper bag, handbag, tactical versipack, and so on is a likable character that comes in handy to meet everyone needs. You will like the durable construction that is made of 600D fabric that is lightweight for durability and mobility. The double zip closure with a padded heavy-duty handle makes this pack a great choice for daily activities.

The Velcro found in the back pocket helps to hold the strap in position for a firm grip of the bag. It’s definitely the best single sling tactical backpack you can find in the market.


  • Small and compact design to carry along
  • Multipurpose use
  • Sturdy and durable 600D construction
  • Friendly design


  • Too much weight may break the zipper
  • Too small


REEBOW Tactical Military Rover Shoulder Sling Backpack Small

best tactical single sling backpackREEBOW’s small tactical Military Rover Sling Backpack is considered the best tactical single sling backpack on the market. It features a tactical rover sling with a 600D polyester construction that is waterproof. Its compact size provides enough room to carry your essentials comfortably on a daily basis.

It features a large Velcro pad in the main compartment which has different use to ensure you have enough storage space for your survival equipment before going into the woods.  The sling backpack comes with adjustable should strap with an extra two smaller straps to hold the bag into place even when carrying heavy loads.

The Tactical Military Rover Shoulder Sling Backpack is a great travel sling bag to take on small trips or extended journeys for more adventure. It’s definitely among the best tactical backpack for an avid outdoor hiker.


  • Small tactical sling backpack
  • Large Velcro pad in the main and back compartment making it spacious
  • Adjustable straps for extra comfort on the shoulders
  • Enough compartments for storage


  • Too much weight may tear the straps
  • The zipper may not hold too much weight


Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Backpack

When it comes to shopping for the best tactical backpack, there are some key things to consider. Of course, there are many options available in the market and you want to make sure you’re getting value for your money. This depends on what you expect from the backpack. Here are some key things you should look out for when buying a backpack.


Size is critical in a backpack. The size may vary depending on the use. If your backpack is too small it might only fit little items so it may not be helpful if you want to embark on an extended journey. It is important to look for the right size depending on the occasion. You should also consider whether it’s collapsible or not.


Before buying a backpack, consider the amount of space it has and the weight it can accommodate. You don’t want to put too much in a backpack that can only hold fewer items. The best tactical backpack brands produce different backpacks with varying weight capacity. So, have a rough idea of how much weight the bag can hold before purchasing.


The more compartments in the backpack the better. Compartments keep your load organized. It also helps to distribute the weight across the bag so it is less likely you will feel the weight on your back. The best tactical laptop backpack has several compartments and Velcro straps that keep your electronic gadgets and other items in place.

But… The Best Tactical Backpack? Why?

This is a question I often get. Logical too!

I mean, you can get yourselves just about any backpack. At any price. Why go tactical? Why spend few bucks more? Right? Well, I have my reasons for referring tactical and military-grade backpacks.


Let me break it down for you in brief.

Because They Are Sturdy…

I really prefer my backpacks sturdy. I myself am a travel-freak. When I say, “Travel” I mean “Long Distance Journey” and to the most demanding corners of the earth (i.e. mountains).

Trust me, ordinary backpacks won’t make it through the environment, constant climbing, long days of walking, and above all, the load you put them through when you travel. It is with Military Tactical backpacks with which your wondering soul will find peace.

They Are Roomy

I don’t know about you but I don’t swap my bag with each trip. I carry a lot of stuff whenever I plan a trip. By “A Lot” I mean, “A LOT.” Besides being sturdy, tactical backpacks offer you huge compartments and pockets.

Figuratively speaking, the top tactical backpacks allow you so much space that you can even pack a whole room. Case and point, people can afford to have space and comfort carrying things they need for their trips.

These Things Keep Your Equipment Safe and Snug

Okay, one reason for me to go all guns blazing in favor of these models is the fact that they are snug. These backpacks allow you space to tuck your things in. Then, you have several closure systems, great zippers, good zipper tracks to secure the luggage.

The top backpacks come with flaps and paddings inside the pockets as well. These paddings absorb shock. As a result, sensitive things like electric razors, chargers, phones, and various other objects remain cushioned and in place. Most importantly, they remain safe from harm.

Substitutes a Travel Bag

You may not believe me, but backpacks are more than just places you can store ropes, water bottles, and mp3 players these days. They are pretty much substitutes for the heavy and stuffy travel bags that you carry along.

In fact, the whole point of carrying a bag is about not being overburdened or weighed down. A tactical backpack packs all the small things. Plus, it is roomy enough to pack clothes and essentials as well. Above all, it doesn’t look overstuffed or out of shape even if you pack too much in.

How to Choose the Tactical Backpack Ideal for Your Needs?

People get why they need a backpack for their convenience. But the real question still lingers in their mind. And that is, “How to get the perfect one for themselves?” Without cutting corners, let us get to the meat of the problem and device a solution.

Run A Check on the Materials

That’s what I’d do. I’d check on the material first before narrowing my choice in terms of the backpack. Material or fabric is the thing that grants your backpack the durability. The way I see it, you have three choices regarding material that constructs your backpack.

Firstly, you have the standard polyester. This thing is pretty standard as it is. You can get this thing at a standard price.

The second material of choice for anyone that travels frequently with his/her backpack can be “Canvas.” Now, this material is neutral. Whenever you are traveling to places with water involved, take a backpack made of Canvas. It repels water efficiently.

The Rip-Stop Nylon Tactical backpack proves to be much sturdier than the rest. You can take your backpack along your adventures knowing that it will come through all the challenges you throw at it.

Make no mistake, there are varieties of Nylon out there that you’d find useful in different conditions and according to your needs. Case and point, choose the material according to your traveling habits and the kind of stability or durability you need.

Evaluate Your Needs

That’s what it comes down to when choosing an ideal product. You need to decide what you are going to use it for.


There are a number of products out there. Different variants serve different purposes.

For example, military tactical backpacks are great for expeditions and long trips in hostile areas. Sometimes, the environment is demanding. For other occasions, there are severe threats. That is why these backpacks are rugged and have a set of characteristics.

If you are more into hunting, best hunting backpack reviews might be ideal places for you to look. For an avid explorer, a tactical backpack might be of a different kind.

Point is, different expeditions demand different preparations. And in turn, different products for you to choose. It is best to know what you will use it for before buying one.

How Much Can It Hold Inside?

Believe me, the capacity of your tactical backpack matters. It is the ultimate factor that decides how lengthy your vacation will be.

Average Backpacks have 25 – 35 liters of capacity. But the Best Tactical Backpack choices ranging slightly higher on price line can have 35 – 55 liters of capacity. That too with a good, stable, and durable material.

If you are willing to take a day-long trip to somewhere, most tactical backpack reviews will advise you to take on a 30-liter product. For trips longer than a day or two, switch to one that’s more than 45 liters at capacity.

The Right Backpack Should Fit You Nicely

And that’s what you should go for if you want comfort to be by your side. Things like shoulder straps contribute hugely when you are searching comfort.

As far as shoulder straps go, you can adjust them. Average people have upper torsos measuring up from 15.5” to 20”. That measurement will help you determine the length of your shoulder straps.

An ideal backpack would take the weight off your shoulders. You can feel it around your hips where it is more convenient. Make sure it doesn’t feel too tight. It should clasp your backpack while you walk and that’s it.

Make Sure the Backpack has Foam Cover

While we are discussing backpacks and shoulder straps, I should also mention that you need to have proper padding around your shoulders. The padding comforts the back muscles in the most demanding conditions you can put yourselves into.

Always purchase the backpacks that come with breathable fabric. Those facilitate air circulation through the air pockets built-in. The air circulation keeps you cool in demanding and sunny weather conditions.

Take Price into Consideration

Hey, we all dream of getting the top product there is. But the truth is, you need to weigh your needs against the price tag. Evaluate your needs and what you want from the backpack of your choice. Compare it with your budget.

If you want a sweet deal, you need to pour in more sugar AKA bucks for them. If you are constrained by your budget, weigh between what you need and what you don’t and make compromises.

Sometimes, a product comes with features you don’t need. And the ones you do need, can cost you a lot less. For high-end expedition trips, go for top products. If you want one for your day job, go for the best backpack under 50 dollars that you can find.

Before I Say Goodbye…

It’s been fun discussing best tactical backpacks and their advantages with you guys today. Whether you guys love to travel or are out on a mission, the tactical backpack is a “Must Have” considering we need to be organized in our approach. Part of that approach lies in keeping our stuff organized.

A good backpack takes everything in and never overwhelms you with weight or the abrupt shape. The trick lies in finding the “Correct” one and the one you “Need” for the job.

Hopefully, after finishing this humongous piece, you’ll be at least a tad bit more knowledgeable about this subject. My tactical backpack reviews should help you pick the best out of the lot.

If you want to do your own research, the buying advice will surely come good. Either way, now you know a bit more about the different types of tactical backpacks than you did yesterday!

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