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The best tactical backpack is important for going on a tour or for a journey. Obviously, we need a good quality backpack so that we can feel comfort. But when we go to buy one, we get confused about the quality of a backpack or sometimes we don’t know about a specific backpack’s quality. Here I am introducing to you Red rock outdoor gear assault pack with a lot of attractive features. It may look small but it has a huge capacity inside. You can also expand or compress the backpack. It has more great features with it. Let’s know more about this backpack.

Features & Benefits

  • Mesh Ventilated Padded Back Panel with Velcro Top Closure : The most important thing while using a backpack is the comfort. We always prefer comfortable things. This Red rock backpack features meshed padded with Velcro top closure for giving you super comfort while using this backpack. The shoulder straps of it are also padded. This means that if sometimes you carry a lot of weight for hours, you will not feel discomfort. Some backpack’s straps are not padded. Sometimes the straps are designed wrongly which gives pain to your shoulder. This backpack’s straps are designed in such a way that they fit very easily. So, it is sure that you will feel no discomfort while using this amazing backpack.
  • A backpack with Maximum Durability: This red rock outdoor gear backpack is manufactured by 600D polyester. As a result, this backpack is so much durable. Durability is one of our best concern when we buy anything. When it comes to a backpack then we want a solid backpack which will be comfortable as well as durable. But sometimes it disappoints us. Because sometimes we see that we are getting comfort but the backpack is not so durable. Sometimes we get durability but not with comfort. Here comes red rock outdoor backpack which gives you both. Polyester is so much durable as well as comfortable. So, you are getting the best one.
  • Huge Capacity with 2-liter External Organizer Pocket: The backpack looks like smaller in size but it has got a large capacity with it. It comes with four expanding compartments. You are getting up to 35 liters of storage capacity with this product. For more, if you want, this product also features 2-liter external organizer pocket. The compartments are internally divided so that you get more space inside. You can carry a lot of types of things in it. There is also zipper inside the compartments. You can carry some small but precious things in the pockets so that you don’t lose them. So, you are getting a backpack with a lot of space. After all, you are getting the best one.
  • 4 Straps That Enable Expansion & Compression: It comes with four straps which are enabled to expand and compress when needed. Sometimes you need to take a lot of things with you. The backpack becomes so much heavy for this. As a result, it becomes uncomfortable for you to carry your backpack. Comfort is our main concern. You will not pay for the thing which discomforts you. Here comes red rock outdoor gear backpack with this feature. These 4 straps are able to expand your backpack. So, you will feel that your backpack is less heavy than before. Sometimes if you want you can also compress your backpack by using these straps. So, it’s totally up to you that what do you want. This backpack will go with your wish.
  • Molle Webbing for Attaching Additional Pouches: Red rock outdoor backpack features molle webbing throughout the backpack. As a result, you will be able to attach additional pouches with it. Sometimes it seems that you are not satisfied with the pockets that are available with your backpack. You want and more pockets. But maximum backpack has not provided the feature by which you will be able to add extra pouches with your backpack. Therefore, this red rock backpack gives you the opportunity to add extra pouches. You will also be able to add additional gears if you want. So, it totally depends on you that will you need more pouches or not. If so, then this backpack is the best gift for you.
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Things I Liked about the Backpack

  • Super comfortable backpack with padded straps.
  • This backpack is so much durable. As it is manufactured by 600D polyester.
  • No compromise with space. You are getting huge space inside.
  • This backpack is able to expand or compress. So, you can use it as you want.
  • You are getting a perfect backpack but with a very affordable price.

Things I Didn’t Like about Backpack

  • There is no water bladder bag attached with it. You have to attach it if you want using molle loops.
  • This backpack water resistant but not waterproof. So, keep it away from water.
Red Rock Outdoor Gear Assault Pack (Medium, Black)
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Red Rock Outdoor Gear Assault Pack (Medium, Black)
  • Four expanding compartments; Main compartment features a clam shell style...
  • Fully adjustable contoured and padded shoulder straps; Adjustable waist and...
  • Mesh ventilated padded back panel with touch-fastener-closure external pocket...

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Final Verdict

Finally, we come to the very last part of this review. Now you also know about the qualities of this backpack. You will not spend your money on the bad product. Best quality is our concern when we buy a thing. This backpack has all kinds of quality that will meet your requirements. If you want durability with comfort, then this backpack will be a great option for you. Not many backpacks can give you both these qualities at a time. So, if you are confused about buying a new backpack. Then I think that this review is a complete solution for you. For its unmatched qualities, it is on our top backpack’s list. I assure you that it will not disappoint you if you buy this. I hope this review will help you very much.