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Looking for a travel on next summer? Then climbing will be a great choice for you. Summer is a safe season for climbing. You won’t face rain or snow. So, there will be less possibility to face any kind of accident indeed. Well, during your travel, you need a backpack rather than a handbag or luggage. Because it’ll be very easy to bear than other and you’ll get your hands free. So, abackpack will be the right partner for you. And in this case,  Sandpiper of California Bug Out Backpack will assist you as a right partner.

Product specification

  • Dimension: Length-21 inches, Width-14 inches, Depth-9 inches
  • Weight to hold: 40 lbs.
  • Color: Black, Brown.
  • Canvas: 600 Denier poly canvas
  • Expandable C.I.:  3300 C.I if expanded

Features and Benefits

  • Expandable Main Compartment: You can enjoy a suitable expansion of the main compartment within enough dimension while using sandpiper of California bug out backpack. You can hold easily your 13” laptop here. And you can also put here your clothes or others necessaries. But it will also ensure your bearing comfort. If you want both bearing comfort and enough room to put necessaries, then it will be a right choice for you. A 3300 C.I. maximum expansion of compartment will ensure a perfect spacing to have all the important elements for your climbing also. So, you can easily depend on this backpack for a short travel like 3 days. And don’t worry about spacing.
  • Abrasion-Resistant Exterior: While traveling for a mountain you cannot find a safer place to keep your baggage. You may not find any hotel or guest room there. Then you’ll feel uncomforted about the condition of your backpack. You cannot but travel without your backpack. Again, the condition of your backpack will be good at all if you place it on a tree or rocked mountain. In that case, nothing may be a better solution for you but an abrasion resistant backpack. And you will find this feature also in sandpiper of California bug out backpack. You can easily place it on the tree or any kind of hard soil. It will be safe itself and keep your commodities safer also.
  • Padded Waist Band: While traveling, you have to bear your backpack on your back all the way long. So, it will be a great uncomforting to you, if there was no padded waistband. Then, all the weight of your bearing commodities, as well as your backpack, will press loadings directly on your backbone. It may be seriously harmful to your backbone. Then, the best solution will be such kind of backpack which has a padded waistband. Because it will reduce the pressure from your backbone in a great way. Sandpiper of California bugout backpack is also giving you the facility of the padded waistband. So, you will find a great comfort while bearing it. That’s why it may be a perfect decision for you to choose it.
  • Aluminum Back Stays: When you are bearing a backpack, you want its frame to be lighter but harder, don’t you? Then aluminum back stays may be your first choice. You know, aluminum is a lighter metal but it’s so strong. So, it is easy to bear. Furthermore, there is a little possibility to collapse the frame. Since Sandpiper of California bugout backpack is giving you the facility of the aluminum backpack as well, you had better take it. It will provide you a better comfort to bear. Furthermore, give you a perfect support to bear comparatively heavier load without the possibility to collapse. So, you can easily rely on it for the betterment both of yours’ and your bearing products.
  • Hydration compatibility: Suppose you want to keep your laptop with you while traveling. Then your first concern will be the safety of your laptop probably. Especially, while traveling hill tracts, it may be very usual to pass over streams or ponds. Then, the safety of laptop against water probably be the greatest challenge that comes in front of you. Because you cannot but put down your laptop there. Therefore, having poly canvas and hydration capability will be the most important feature to you in that case. You can also find this valuable feature in Sandpiper of California Bugout Backpack. Here you’ll get a hydration compartment. You can easily put your laptop there. That will ensure the safety of your laptop against water. Furthermore, a poly canvas of Denier 600 will give the facility to protect your clothes and other commodities against rain.
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Things I Liked about the Backpack

  • It can save you from a serious problem of back pain because of the padded waistband.
  • You can find two extra outer pockets to put necessary commodities like a bottle.
  • A stylish combination of color is also available
  • Also, usable as a military bag
  • This will give your bearing commodities a perfect resistant against rain.
  • Almost huge number of commodities can be bearable for having large space.
  • Easy to bear for comparatively lighter in weight
  • Strangely cheaper in price

Things I Didn’t Like about Backpack

  • You cannot find the separate pocket for your laptop or tab but get enough room to put them.
  • It isn’t hundred percent water resistant but fantastic resistant against rain.
  • Not so large for a long travel but fantastic for three days travel.
  • A bit insufficient pockets are available.
Sandpiper of California Bugout Backpack - Black
315 Reviews
Sandpiper of California Bugout Backpack - Black
  • Aluminum back stays
  • Hydration Compatible
  • Expandable main compartment

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Finale Verdict

If you want to go for a short-term travel, a backpack is quite necessary. Then, sandpiper of California bug out backpack may be the great option for you because of its more relevant price. I have also two backpacks of sandpiper of California. One is black and another is brown. I’m using these since last two years. The outcome is quite gorgeous. So, do you want to have a nice backpack without compromising with comfort, safety, and larger room? Then I can bet that sandpiper of California bug out backpack will be the right choice. Even you can get it in hand within a very little time after ordering. In conclusion, a right choice of backpack seems like choosing the right partner while traveling. And I’m giving you the guarantee that sandpiper of California bug out backpack will be the right partner for you.